Welcome and congratulations on taking your first step towards living your life with greater meaning, connection and peace...


Who needs counseling?

It is my belief that absolutely anyone can benefit from counseling. From those dealing with deep and longstanding distress to those just navigating life, counseling offers a resource for clear and objective understanding and personal growth. Counseling has been around throughout the ages and whether it is your first or your hundredth time, counseling is a safe and productive way to begin living your most meaningful life.

Is counseling long term?

The duration of counseling differs from client to client and issue to issue. Counseling is usually not a “one and done” endeavor. However, I also believe that if I am doing my job correctly, at a certain and appropriate point we may together decide the course for the future. In the long term, counseling will equip you with the necessary tools to do much of the work we do together, on your own. We are, of course, forever “works in progress” and driven towards further growth so it would not be unusual for our counseling relationship to ebb and flow over time.

Can I just come in?

My door is always open to new clients, however I would ask that you call and allow us to have a brief conversation about your needs and whether or not we would be a “good fit” for one another. The counseling process is very much about an appropriate therapeutic alliance and is in many ways a mutual relationship that must work for both parties. This discussion would normally only need to last for a few minutes when you call to make your appointment.

Are you covered by insurance?

I am a fee for service provider for a number of reasons, not the least of which are the following:

  • This allows you the confidentiality not afforded by managed care
  • This allows you to pursue counseling with the provider of your choice for the duration of your choice and with the frequency of your choice
  • This allows you to receive counseling without a mandated ”label” or diagnosis being placed in your permanent file for all future healthcare professionals and some potential employers to review.
  • This allows us to together decide what the best course of action is for your desires and your goals.
  •  Most managed care plans do not cover marriage counseling, family counseling, adjustment counseling or career counseling.