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I believe we are consistently searching for a greater level of actualization, growth and sustenance throughout our lives. I believe we are constantly in motion towards differentiation and that we must often find meaning and our own boundaries through the journey of creating that differentiation and the subsequent narration of that journey. We can and should be the authors or our own stories and it is through that authorship and perspective that we may find peace, understanding and growth,

I believe there is no interaction without the potential for meaning. I believe we are always able to learn if we are aware enough to do so. I believe these things both for myself as therapist and for my clients. Our roles of client, therapist, student and teacher are ever shifting and flexing. It is my goal to create a therapeutic relationship significant enough that it allows for the emergence of the actualization of just such growth and connection.

I believe that despite from where or through which we have come or to where we are headed, we are now unwaveringly here. I believe in the power of the here and now because it is uniquely the only place and time in which we may have any ability to effect change or create traction. Changing right now may both change the meaning of what once was, as well as significantly inform that which is yet to come.

I believe in creating a completely secure environment for my clients and giving them, at times, their first opportunity to be and feel exactly who they are, without fear of indictment, expectation or reproach. I believe that so much of the dysfunction and distress that an individual experiences is due to those circumstances, in all of our lives, which eventually serve to erode the banks on which we behave and feel authentically. We often so completely absorb the roles that we play for others that we also so completely lose sight of honoring that which makes us inherently who we are.

I believe that counseling must be a collaborative and connected journey. I am charged to keep my clients as safe as possible while also allowing and encouraging them to define their own meanings and come to their own understandings of their own very personal stories. Together we may achieve an elucidated understanding and a soft space in which we can allow challenge to those chains under which we have historically been bound.

If we may find meaning in the lives we live, while accepting the conditions of humanity, taking responsibility for our own parts in it, and choosing growth and acceptance… Then we may strive for peace, acceptance and joy in that which has historically impacted us, presently informs us and will in the future affect us. This is what I believe to be a worthy goal – for myself, for my clients, for all of us separately and together creating the human condition in which we coexist.

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